What I've Packed: Cold, Rainy Vacation

Tuesday, January 07, 2014
For those of us who have been blessed with the year around 75-80°F weather in Southern California, it is absolutely difficult for us to adapt to sudden weather temperature changes such as this current Polar vortex that has gotten both Canada and parts of America shaken up in chilly weather. Although people make fun of us, Californians, for our complaints about the temperature dropping, it is simply put, different from what we are used to! With that being said, a lot of my friends were actually curious as to how I would be packing for my trip to the North West as the weather is cold almost all year around. I have decided to share with everyone today how I packed for my 8 days, 7 nights trip!

First and foremost, I apologize for the quality of the images. My Sony RX100 is out of batteries. I should really consider purchasing back up batteries so that I do not have to juice it every time I remember to use it. These are the items that I will be packing for my trip. Anything marked with an asterisk (*) is what I will be wearing to the airport, therefore, will not be packed in my luggage.
- Favour Fair trench coat* (old)
- Zara short sleeve contrast dress (old)
- Uniqlo Heattech long sleeve fleece sweater
- Uniqlo Heattech short sleeve fleece top
- J.Crew Boy’s cotton-cashmere sweatshirt
- H&M open knit over-sized sweater*
- J.Crew perfect shirt in gingham (similar here)
- J.Crew popover shirt* (similar here)
- Bullhead ‘Black’ skinniest high rise jeans (similar here)
- Marciano high-waisted skirt (old)
- Bullhead skinniest high rise jeans* (similar here)

Not shown, but I am also packing (clothes/accessories wise):
- J.Crew silk-cashmere scarf* (similar here)
- Timberland Waterproof Trenton Booties*
- Nike ACG Trainerendor (varying colors here)
- Neff beanie
- Old Navy two-piece gloves (old)
Of course what I am showing you is just clothes that I will be wearing out in public. It does not include socks, tights, lingerie, swimsuits, biker shorts, pajamas, or accessories. Given that I have packed 11 items, this will mean that I can rotate everything and layer a lot throughout my trip in a place where it rains a lot, potentially snows, and is constantly below 60°F.

Luckily, I managed to pack all of this in my luggage that you have probably seen in an old post of mine. This luggage is extremely small (almost the same size as my Everlane Weekender Duffle Bag, but with less space). I chose to bring this luggage with me instead of the weekender because I was advised by my doctors to take it easy with lifting heavy objects as it adds stress to my shoulders. Otherwise, if I was in tip-top shape I would have most definitely taken my Weekender bag as it definitely has more space than this luggage.

Back to the luggage, so given how small my luggage is with its dimensions being even smaller than the maximum dimensions necessary for it to be considered a carry-on on every airline, I reckon I did an amazing job packing everything in it including an umbrella and an extra pair of shoes. If you would like to see what I will bring in terms of equipment, cosmetics, jewelry, and other items let me know and I can also do a post on that as well. Cheers!

P.S. I know there is absolutely no color in what I have packed. I have come to accept the fact that I will and always be a lover of neutral color palettes.

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