Inspiration Tuesday: Justin Maller

Tuesday, February 04, 2014
No one thinks of Tuesdays as being the best day of the week. It is, for a fact only, a day after Monday - a day where you attempt to finish what you could not finish or decided to hold off on for today to finish. I like Tuesdays. I like it just because it has a happy ring to it. With that said I will make Tuesdays a day to feel inspired. This week I want to share with everyone this amazing illustrator that I found out about through Marques Brownlee's Twitter.

Justin Maller is a freelance illustrator and art director based in Australia. He has done work for a number of clients such as Nike, Verizon, The Grammy's, Universal Sony Pictures, and more. His work really speaks in volume and is absolutely stunning to look at. He also provides amazing wallpapers for you to download if you really like his work like I do. In fact, I have "Morning Sun" as my wallpaper and it has inspired me to continue working on my own designs. Here are my favorite picks of his digital illustrations:


Blind in collaboration with Emeric Trahand

Beach Dreams



Morning Sun

Pretty Daze




If you enjoyed all of his art work, I definitely recommend you following his social media accounts. He puts out a ton of amazing artwork out there and it will definitely help you if you are ever in a creative block.

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