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Saturday, February 08, 2014
If you have never heard of ThredUp, it is an online consignment site where you can buy gently used to new clothing. Originally, it only sold children's clothes, but it expanded its site to sell clothing for men, women, children, and even juniors. I have never shopped at ThredUp before, but I have shopped at Twice, where I managed to score awesome staples that I wear constantly like my J.Crew denim shorts which I paid only $10 for.

This time around, I chose to shop at ThredUp because of their prices. Twice has gotten a bit pricey with their stuff recently, but I definitely do not blame them. The last time I received my package, each item was individually wrapped in a plastic bag and was neatly packaged. This is a bit different from how ThredUp packages their items as you can see down below. Depending on how large your items are, you will receive either a paper mailer like the one above or a box with the same green polka dots printed. The packaging itself is very eco-friendly and unique as you can differentiate between your ThredUp order and any other miscellaneous packages. Like I mentioned before, Twice packages their items individually. All of my items were wrapped lightly with tissue paper. None of the less, it did not affect the products in any way.

If you have followed my blog for a while now, you will probably notice that I am quite a thrifty shopper. I gravitate towards children's shoes for flats and kitten heels as well as children's sweaters and skirts just because they happen to fit me better than women's petites. To save myself time having to hem my clothes and money, I would opt to buy children's clothes because it holds up in the wash and it just fits perfectly.

Talbots Kids Pleated Skirt (Size 14) - $4.99
Fabrication: 64% polyester, 34% rayon, 2% spandex
Color: Dark navy with gray dotted pinstripes

I never knew that Talbots even had a children's line so when I tried to look up what the sizing would be, I realized that they discontinued the line entirely. Unable to figure out if the skirt would fit, I decided to just order it because I own a lace blazer from Talbots that I had thrifted a few years ago and it fits perfectly. Turns out, I really lucked out with the sizing because the skirt fits perfectly. With the right amount of stretch, it can comfortably tuck a light-weight sweater for a put together look.

Lands' End Pleated Skirt (Size 14 Plus) - $3.49
Fabrication: 65% polyester, 35% rayon
Color: Maroon, red, and navy plaid

The only thing that I own from Lands' End are their rash guards, which I used when I was on my one week cruise to the Bahamas. Not only did the rash guard left me sunburn free, it held up really well in the salty water and through multiple washes in the washing machine. I went ahead and looked up the sizing of their children's line and fell in love with their skirts. It is almost reminiscent of Brook Brothers, but geared towards children who have to buy school uniforms. None of the less, I wanted a plaid skirt for ages and got my hands on a quality one. Although it is not lined, it has a nice weight to it. It is almost a midi-length skirt so I will have to decide if I want to keep it at that length or hem it myself to be at the knee.

Children's Place Skirt (Size 14) - $4.49
Fabrication: 100% cotton (shell), 100% polyester (lining)
Color: Black crushed velvet with navy and white polka dot lining

My mother used to try to get me to fit into CP's clothing a lot as a kid because she was a single mom who could not afford to constantly purchase clothes for her growing children so half of my childhood was filled with The Children's Place clothing stores and gift cards. A velvet skirt caught my attention so I went ahead and purchased it. Not only is the weight nice and heavy, but it is really well constructed. The metal invisible zipper is easy to use and the lining underneath the skirt (I completely forgot to photograph) is adorable. It fits perfectly without being too short.

K.C. Parker Skirt (Size 14) - $8.99
Fabrication: 100% polyester (shell and lining)
Color: Black suede

As I mentioned earlier, I am only going to keep three of the items that I got which means this K.C. Parker skirt and the skirt below did not make the cut. I was intrigued by the brand because I have never heard of it. This skirt was marked new with tags. "Tiny flaw" was stated in the description due to "fading" and that the flaw was so "tiny" that I would not be able to see it. Unfortunately, I definitely saw the fading around the zipper area and the hand of the skirt around the waistline was rough - something that only happens if it was near something hot. Despite its flaws, it is still a beautiful skirt that ultimately did not fit me. For $8.99, it was definitely not worth it considering the Children's Place skirt was much nicer in quality despite being lightly used.

Gymboyree (Size XL) - $3.99
Fabrication: 100% polyester
Color: Floral print on velvet

This skirt was a mistake on my part as I added it knowing very well that I would not be able to wear it. Floral prints just attract me because they remind me of every reason why I should not wear it. A contradiction, you say? My entire life is one, haha. Obviously this thing would not fit me even if I wanted to. It was definitely made for a toddler and should only be worn by a toddler. The fabric is nice and is definitely something worth giving to a little one who wants to show off her awesome skirt.

Will I return the two skirts?
Unfortunately, it is not worth the cost of shipping it back since the skirts were cheap to begin with.

How quickly did you get your items?
I live in Southern California and the company is located in Northern California. I ordered my items on the 6th of February and it arrived in two days.

Will I shop at ThredUp again?
I'll give it another go, but this time with women's clothing to see if the quality of their used designer stuff is on par with Twice's stuff.

I give ThredUp a thumbs up on the go. If you have children, it is definitely worth looking at since kids do grow up a bit too fast so spending money on quality clothes can be wasteful unless you are planning to have a lot of children. It is also nice to take a look on the site if you have any upcoming interviews since you do not have to spend a whole bunch of money on clothes you may not have to wear again, either. Overall, I am quite pleased with my purchase as I was able to use a discount code and got my entire haul down to $24.09 total. Check it out if you have time because you will never know what you will be able to find!

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