Simple Pleasures in Life

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I have always appreciate minimalism, but I never really practiced it until I got older. When I scored my first real job, I did not stop to think that maybe I should have saved my money for uses later down in life like a house or a car. Instead of being responsible, I ended up flooding my closet of unnecessary clothing and accessories. Everything was bought far from practicality and everything that I had purchased was nowhere near the sort of representation of myself that I had wanted to achieve. Over time I started to get rid of all the clothes that I knew I would not wear and sold off the accessories that got lost in the mess that was my closet.

I learned that it was the simple things in life that I had the most pleasure of having and clutter was the reason for my anxiousness when it came to my work and sleep environment. If there was one thing that I could go back in time and change, it would have most definitely been my poor spending habits on things that just did not matter in the long run. I like the minimalistic version of myself and it helps with getting through the every day things in life.

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