Review: Roasting Water

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Roasting Water (Largest with lots of seating)
11707 Edinger Ave
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Roasting Water (No actual seating inside)
9783 Chapman Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92841

Roasting Water (Small, very little seating)
7925 Westminster Blvd
Westminster, CA 92683

Cindy was a bit down so I decided to take her out on a girl's day out. She wanted to take me to Roasting Water, a boba and tea drinks place, that sells cute mugs and thermos. Roasting Water is an interesting concept as all of their drinks are served in glass bottles topped with a cork lid. Drinks can vary between $4-6 depending on what you order. I love the mango lemonade (comes with mango bits, light ice, lemonade and basil seeds) so that is what I ordered! The mugs and varying thermos are a first come, first served as they do not restock on the different designs. Roasting Water rotates through the designs each season as do the designs on their glass bottles, but their menu stays the same for the most part. Mugs and thermos vary in prices from $10 and above. I love my drink and the glass bottles are great as souvenirs! If you are ever in the area, you should definitely check it out.

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