Review: Hello Kitty Cafe

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hello Kitty Cafe
93 Spectrum Center Dr
Irvine, CA 92618

Three months ago, Cindy persuaded me to stand in line for the grand opening of the Hello Kitty Cafe. Hoping to not be waiting in the line for ages, we arrived at the cafe three hours before it opened. Unfortunately, being that it was hot out the three hours were torturous. We also realized that they only serve a customer at a time which resulted in us waiting in additional hour despite being fifteenth in line. The tart that I got was not too bad. I did appreciate the Hello Kitty packaging as well as the baked good decorations, but the food (as expected) was pricey and the wait was definitely not worth standing in line for hours. After spending a good few hours at the mall, we realized that another long line formed that wrapped around itself a good five times. It was a good experience, none of the less, but you can definitely find better desserts elsewhere. If you are a Hello Kitty fan, this place is for you. I am not sure of how long it will be in this location, unfortunately.

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