2018 - Year In Review

Sunday, December 23, 2018

These were my favorite moments throughout 2018:

1. Spending New Years Eve with Arthel and Mac at a local Korean cafe
2. Celebrating Mac's birthday with a traditional Polish pear cake
3. Finally completing my gaming/editing rig
4. Driving hours to try out one of the best burger joints in Illinois
5. Doing a cross-country road trip with Mac from Arizona, Utah, Colorado, all the way to Illinois
6. Finally visiting Alder's Planetarium
7. Celebrating my birthday with gifts from family back home
8. Left a job that was not for me and starting a new job that I absolutely love (and working alongside coworkers I enjoy being around)
9. Rescuing Milo, our half Schipperke half Chihuahua mix
10. Spending time with my sister's family while she was in town
11. Getting married
12. Learning to enjoy every minute of life despite its ups and downs

2018 wasn't perfect, but it did bring a lot of great things. With all the mistakes that were made this year, I'm ready to take on whatever 2019 has to throw at me.

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