10% Physical, 90% Mental

Monday, November 11, 2013
As I was researching information to use as inspiration towards a project that I have to turn in for my internship program at PacSun, I came across a blog post written by no other than Shaun T of "Insanity". Not only was it absolutely inspirational, but it applies to everything in life and not just towards fitness.

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"We were having a discussion last night about tennis being 10% physical and 90% mental and it turned into a deep conversation about how this applies to your health and fitness…and in turn, your happiness!

Your success relies on your mental strength.

It takes 10% of your energy to actually implement the process of getting healthy and fit: You have to go to the store and buy the right foods. You have to push play everyday and get up and do the exercise. But when you consciously decide, “I am actually going to do this and commit to making myself healthier,” that is when your life will change—and that dedication and focus is the 90% that gets you those results.

Until you’re ready to dedicate your mind to making a change, your body just isn’t going to follow…it’s just not! We all know those people who want to sit back and blame other people for their failures and make excuses. But when you make the change in your mind that you’re going to succeed, you’re 90% there. The remaining 10% is just motivating the body to follow the mind for the results you want!"

I honestly couldn't have said it better myself. I hope that with every step that each of us will take in our lives, that we do it to the fullest. Have a happy Monday!

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