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Saturday, November 16, 2013
Have you ever wondered what path of life you are taking? I came across a blog post written by Shaun T of "Insanity" on the A, B, and C paths of life. It didn't occur to me that ideally everyone wants to take route A, but overtime will take route B. Some people will stray away from both A and B and take route C. There is definitely not a right or wrong way of living your life, but it has definitely opened my eyes to the way we go about living it.

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"So, I’m on the train going to visit my little sister. We are going to take her shopping, go to lunch, and then a movie. She’s 15 and super fun and cool. While I sit here and think, “I wonder what her future looks like and what path will she choose in creating her destiny,” I started to think about you guys, my extended family.

If you were looking down a straight road, a road that was called “The path of your life,” how would you go about getting as far down that road as possible? Please answer A, B, or C—or maybe a scenario I haven’t yet imagined. Be mindful, there is no right or wrong answer.

Route A: Focused and Determined

Continue down this road taking no detours. Stay focused with the end in mind and nothing will sway you from dipping onto a side road to see what a detour would have to offer. Really keep your focus to get as far ahead in life as possible with no hurdles.

Route B: Detours and New Experiences

Take advantage of the side roads. Experiencing the pains and joys of life and finding out what these detours have to offer and how they can help you grow. As you grow, you discover the path back to your main road once you’ve had these experiences. It’s the toughest path because you will have to deal with your inner pains and find your way back—but you get back on track.

Route C: Safety and Comfort

Envision a road that offers you comfort and security. It’s not your favorite road or outcome but its comfortable and you can stay focused without having to go too far down the main road. This path offers some success but it stops you from going back to your first focus."

There are times when we will feel lost, but surrounding yourself with positive company will make any path of life worthwhile.

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