Brown Hues

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

As I take this moment to look back on my experiences thus far, I realized that I never really took out the time to appreciate everything that I have. Before I continue this story, I just want to point out that I am in by no means a religious person. I do attend mass every Sunday and I am baptized as a Catholic, but I have my own beliefs that counter the beliefs of the church (such as my support of gay marriage and women having a choice to abort). Because of that, I do not find myself to be religious in which I support every idea that the church tells us to follow, but I do believe that there is a God and that he is constantly watching over us.

Every Sunday morning before mass starts, I say ten Hail Mary's. Why ten? I guess it started out when I attended my first confession. After every confession I was told by a priest to recite ten Hail Mary's and five Our Father's. No matter how different my sins were each time I went to confession, I received the same amount of prayers to recite. Every Sunday morning, I would only recite the ten Hail Mary's (as that is all the time I would have before mass would begin). And with the two minutes left to spare before the opening hymn, I would thank God for the life that I have and to continue looking after those who needs it most.

I have never asked God for anything for myself. But despite telling God this, I had always turned to friends to help me through the problems that I would encounter. I would always ask for things from my parents, albeit small like asking to pick up carrots while they were on their way to the grocery store. I had always wanted to be self-sufficient, but I knew that it was not something that can be easily done because that would be a lonely life.

While there are still people around me, I will be more appreciative of their existence in my life whether they are strangers on the internet or in real life. To be helpful to somebody is taking out the time to appreciate them and having to listen to their story. To be a friend to somebody is to continually do that until the end of time. So the next time you have a few minutes to spare, let your friends and family members know just how much you love them because I am sure the reminder will ease their hearts and minds.

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