Table for One

Monday, December 09, 2013

Why do we have an obsession with taking photographs of food? Aside from the fact that this is an actual job that professional photographers can do, I think the reason behind it is simply because it is beautiful. Outside of wanting to brag about where we were eating and what luxurious meals we had that we do not normally get to eat, food in itself is a masterpiece. It is not easy to cook a perfect meal that looks like it was made by a skillful chef. The beauty in food alone whether it was made from a fast-food restaurant or from a local diner is all gorgeous because it was made by someone with their own hands.

So the next time someone bags on you for taking photographs of you food, do not let them hinder you. Take as many photographs as you want at every angle there is possible because we are absolutely blessed to be able to have the meals that we get every day and with a single photograph we are reminded to count each and every one of these blessings that we encounter as we live to see another day.

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