The Tree

Monday, December 23, 2013

Now that everyone is in college (minus my older sibling who has a family), my parents always try to talk me out of getting a Christmas tree. I want a Christmas tree for two selfish reasons: One, it makes me feel like we are actually together like a family and two, it is the perfect way to procrastinate. Of the two reasons, number one is the main reason why I want a Christmas tree. I could care less about the presents and in all honesty I expect no presents to be addressed to me. A Christmas tree is symbolic of love and togetherness, two things that I have not experienced in nearly over a decade and a half. People change and unfortunately my family and I went through a lot. As the holidays get closer and as the year ends, do spend more time with the ones that you love most. With each passing year, count your blessings and make/share the memories you have with others. Have a blessed holiday season, friends.

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