Weekend Reflection: Having more isn't always better

Friday, December 20, 2013

It probably started when I first got my job during my second year in college. I was a really sheltered child so my parents always told me that school was priority and everything came second. As much as I wanted to believe them, times have definitely changed. Without any experience in working, a college degree is not enough to get a job. I had to win them over by getting a job. The minute I got a job, I told myself that I would save up all that I could for my hemorrhoidectomy surgery considering that the cost of it was a couple thousand dollars. Instead, I got lost in my paychecks and began to spend recklessly.

My closet was a horrendous mess of thrifted clothes, Forever 21, eBay shoes and bags. I began to buy large quantities of things that I did not need like tables, books, and furniture as well as games that I would not normally play (nor would ever finish). I became a shopaholic and a hoarder. I thought that by having all of these things that I would be happy, but I was no where near to being happy. I was still as depressed as ever and I lost sight of what did make me happy.

Fast forward post-undergrad, I learned to appreciate the value of a dollar. I am a late bloomer in the employment area (given what I said earlier in the beginning of this post), but I would have much rather learned it now than to screw myself over later on in life. For every paycheck that I earned, I put half into my savings and half I left to spend on whatever I wanted to. Most of the time I choose not to spend it, but when I do I really think of whether or not it is completely necessary to get. These days I do not buy clothes unless I need to (i.e. the sudden drop in weather made me go to Uniqlo.com to purchase heattech items) and I refuse to buy any more shoes until every pair is completely unwearable.

I refuse to buy any more jewelry or bags and I hardly ever wear make up (or nail polish) so the need to stop by the cosmetic store has disappeared. I will have to say that I do spend a lot of money on games, but that is due to the cost of the games themselves. Plus they take me a long time to finish therefore it happens occasionally/rarely.

We do not need all of that in our lives - the extra stuff. Sure it is nice to dream about having a huge walk-in closet or a mansion, but is it completely necessary? Will it make us happy? When we start to enjoy the things that we have, we begin to appreciate everything that we are given or earn for ourselves.

I did not ask for anything material-wise for Christmas. To my surprise, I got socks and a Lego set (pictured above) and I could not have been happier. Not only was I thankful for the gift as I was not expecting anything of the sort, but I really appreciated the value and the thought that was behind it. So during this holiday season, do take out some time to really clean out the clutter. We all have it - heck, I still have clutter and it will definitely take me more than a few months to clear it all away. But as long as we know we have clutter, we can get it all sorted.

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