Night Adventures in Seattle

Thursday, January 30, 2014

We have finally made it to the last post of my Seattle trip. In short, this post is all about things that you can do late at night in Seattle. Unlike cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, it is actually pretty safe to go out at night. In fact, there were multiple instances where I was out until nearly midnight. Sure we encountered a few homeless individuals and people soliciting us for money, but none of these individuals were violent. Response time for cops to show up is much faster than that of Los Angeles and there are always parking security people around. That obviously does not mean you should not keep your guard up. Always use basic common sense and street knowledge when you are walking around at night and do not walk by yourself stay in well-lit areas of the roads.

Space Needle
400 Broad St
Seattle, WA 98109 
You just cannot go to Seattle and not find yourself wanting to see what it is like to be on the Space Needle. I nearly foregone the trip to the needle when a friend suggested we should go before it closed up for the night. It was a sight to see and an experience that you will never forget - especially when you go on a night before a big football game. The lights of the city were spectacular and the view of the Century Link Stadium was amazing. It was a bit pricey to visit, but the free Photoshopped photos of you and your friends makes it extra fun to try out.

The Seattle Great Wheel
305 Harrison St
Seattle, WA 98109

Expensive to get on, but worth every penny when you get to the top. I usually have killer motion sickness of any level, but for whatever reason I did not feel sick at all going on this ferris wheel. Not only did you get a view of the city, but you got a view of the water as well and the lights reflecting on the surface of the water. It was a memorable sight and a place where you can create amazing memories. Also, unlike the Space Needle, you would have to pay for the pictures that they take of you. We opted out of buying the photos, but I am sure if yours turns out beautifully, you should consider purchasing one.

Lucky Strike
700 Bellevue Way NE
Bellevue, WA 98004

On our last night in Seattle, my friends invited me to go bowling. In comparison to what was known as 300 Anaheim, Lucky Strike is quite affordable. We do have a Lucky Strike here in Southern California, but I had always opted to bowl at 300 because it is not as packed (probably due to the expensive cost of bowling). My friends were bowlers in high school so Richard and I definitely needed a handicap. Fortunately, what was supposed to be a game of who got the highest score ended up being who could bowl the slowest and still knock over all the pins. Do you even want to guess who won that game? I did with a 4.8mph bowling speed knocking over 7 pins and eventually a 4.5mph bowling speed knocking the remaining 3 pins for a spare. Yeah, I am a pro in that aspect. The arcade at Lucky Strike is far more fun for people in large groups. We participated in the basketball hoop (both mini and 3-pointer hoops), skeeball, PacMan, triva games, and virtual racing. It was really fun and we redeemed our 400 accumulated e-tickets (how cool is that?) for candy.

*Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this post. None of the businesses or brands above have asked me to write about these places. I just wanted to share my experiences with everyone.*

Wrapping up this post, I just wanted to say Seattle, you have been amazing to me and I will definitely return one day.

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