Casual Friday

Friday, April 25, 2014
I am thinking about making Fridays “Fashion Friday”. I cannot promise that this will stick because like the month of December, it only worked for a month until I ran out of things to write about. Here are a few tidbits of what I have been loving as of recently including tons of loungewear, which ironically I only have a single photo of to show as proof, and my recent purchases.

Flickr has been playing games with the orientation of my photos again. Pooie, I will have to figure out a way to fix it so in the meantime I hope you do not mind the oddly oriented images. Here I am wearing: Everlane's Box Cut Tee / Stylenanda Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans / Vans sneakers (old)

The ultimate loungewear would have to be a pair of thermals. For whatever reason, it gets super hot and then super cold here in Southern California. It was freezing the day I took this photo. I am just wearing a hoodie I took from Richard and some fuzzy socks I bought at Daiso.

I went to a charity shop to drop off donations and happened to see from the corner of my eye this amazing sleeveless sports hoodie vest. It was obviously too large for me, but it works perfectly as a layering piece over virtually anything. In fact, you could not possibly tell that it was too big for me unless you deliberately pulled the excess fabric, otherwise, it would look like it was purposely made to be like that. The best part was I only paid $2 for this gem!

I have been in a need of an actual bag ever since I came back from my trip to Seattle. My overflowing amount of tote bags was just not cutting it as appropriate handbags to carry for any outing and my Phillip Lim x Target purse is too large for everyday wear. I happened to come across the Shopbop sale and found this lovely suede mini crossbody tote bag from Madewell and purchased it. It is well constructed with a striped lining inside. It is small enough to carry all my essentials, which is all I need really. This was one of the better expensive investments I have made in a long while.

Here is an outfit that I decided to put together featuring a narwhal printed short sleeve button up from Modern Amusement. It fits me perfectly despite being a guy's brand (I wear size medium in most brands, but I purchased this in a size small). I also paired my Madewell tote with my favorite J.Crew denim shorts I bought from LikeTwice and my extremely old Forever21 wedges.

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