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Thursday, April 24, 2014
It has come to my attention that I have not been the healthiest eater out there. A part of me wants to blame the fact that I do not wake up early enough to beat my mother to the kitchen as she cooks what she craves and makes two portions worth. This means I have no choice but to eat it lest I waste food because I know she will not eat two portions of it. The other part of me feels like it is because I have awful time management skills and because of it I do not have time to run to the grocery store to get proper ingredients to make a healthy meal. This post is proof for you, future Michelle, of reasons why you need to change your diet.

You will notice a trend with all of my meals that I always have a side of green juice. My favorite green juice is Bolthouse Farms' Green Goodness because it is the only green juice that does not contain ingredients that I am allergic to. Who knew that I was allergic to so many things?! It is quite difficult for me to eat healthy if I am allergic to most vegetables and fruits. Bah! Also, if my photos seem awkwardly rotated, I swear that my photos were rotated correctly, but Flickr has been acting up so no matter how I orient the photo it will always appear this way. Has anyone else had this problem?

Leftover meals for breakfast is okay BUT not okay when your mother makes too much of it to the point where you have it every day for two weeks. I seriously love pasta, but not the extent where I have to consume it every single morning. The worst part is that is a ton of carbohydrates and not the good ones, either.

Take out is now restricted to ONCE a month. Not that I do take out often any way given that delivery is quite expensive, but I do enjoy green Thai curry. Here is a good opportunity to learn how to make it myself and consume it whenever I feel like it. I hear it is easy to make and that you can make it healthy!

Going out to eat can only happen occasionally and if I do go out to eat, I need to pick healthy places. Fortunately this time around I went to a Thai restaurant so I had another green Thai curry (even though it does not look green) and I did not finish the rice. I should probably tell the waiters to not include rice next time so that I do not waste food.

Ah wheat bread. While you are delicious, you are filled with tons of starch. Here I attempted my first fried-egg-in-a-slice-of-bread-thing. You know, that thing that all Pinterest users pin to their food boards. While it was delicious, one should have been enough. I need to account for portions next time.

And we cannot forget my love for sushi (I mean, it is even in my banner). I love you sushi, I really do. But now would be a good time to let you know that the amount of rice that is covering all the goodness that is inside is not good for me. It is time to depart from you until I can fix my eating habits.

Kicking bad habits to the curb is one of the more difficult things to do. While I am trying to be honest with myself by bringing up all of my terrible eating habits, I am going to put it out there that I have never been healthy. Growing up with a lot of emotional issues with personal problems at home, I ate away my feelings at a very young age. I was suffering from obesity as a child wearing XL-XXL t-shirts, shorts, and dresses. I never thought I had an eating problem because no one really pointed it out to me. I was able to make friends so I figured I was quite alright! It did not occur to me that I had a problem until I had to run a mile for P.E. in grade school and that I would always end up last. I always managed to twist my ankles (weak bones from lack of milk as a child; I am allergic to dairy).

So this change is completely necessary for me. I always tried to get in shape. Nike+ Fitness, Insanity, going to the gym every day, but I never stuck to it. I always had an excuse like school work (which is half true: School takes up about 80-120 hours of work each week, but that does not mean I can skimp out on working out for an hour a day at the least) or other responsibilities.

I am working out to elongate my life and to become healthier, not so much for the sake of looking good. Working out will not make me taller so I do not care for the physical results. Here is to a new journey for me! I will be tracking my progress through a private Instagram account that I will eventually open to the public for everyone to see once I see progress. It would be silly to track something and not know if it is actually working, right?

What bad eating habits do you have and if you do not have any bad eating habits, what are you doing now that works for you? Let me know in the comments down below!

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