H&M's Conscious Exclusive Collection

Thursday, April 10, 2014
No, you definitely did not hear or read wrong. H&M is launching their Conscious Exclusive Collection that is twenty times more different than what you would have thought the collection would have been. The silhouettes, fabrications, and embroidery exemplifies the different level this collection is on in comparison to their other Conscious Collections. This collection is launching today, Thursday, April 10th, 2014 at 10AM EST. Want to take a sneak peek as to what the collection will consist of? Click more to read below!
How is this collection any different from the past Conscious Collections, you may ask? First off, it is extremely pricey. Given the different fabrications that they are using varying from vegetable-dyed leather from cows and organic cotton blends, as well as the amount of embroidery that is used in a few of the pieces, the construction and materials play a huge factor on the cost of the items. This is what H&M has stated about their collection:
“Founded in 2009 by Alexia Niedzielski, Charlotte Casiraghi and Elizabeth von Guttman, Ever Manifesto is a publication and sustainability think tank which acts as a catalyst for the fashion and design industries in highlighting the ways in which innovations in materials, manufacturing and communications can render the ethical desirable.

With the aim of raising awareness of the impact out choices as consumers have not he Earth’s environment and inhabitants, Ever Conscious, the latest issue of Ever Manifesto, profiles the opinions and actions of over twenty environmental activists and cultural tastemakers from the worlds of design, science, food and fashion.”

Lace Dress - $249 / Large Shoulder Decoration - $149 / Embroidered Leather Sandals - $149

Ruffled Chiffon Dress - $199 / Large Clip-on Earrings - $29.95 / Leather Earrings - $17.95 / Embroidered Blazer - $149 / Leather Shoes - $99

Lace Top - $59.95 / Leather Waist Belt - $59.95 / Ruffled Dress in Lyocell Blend - $59.95 / Silk-blend Shorts - $49.95 / Lyocell Top - $24.95

Pleated Hairband - $17.95 / Leather Shoulder Bag - $99 / Long Jacquard-weave Dress - $299 / Puff-sleeved Top - $49.95

Large Clip-on Earrings - $17.95 / Embroidered Jacket - $549 / Lyocell Jumpsuit - $69.95 / Lyocell-blend Skirt - $34.95

Silk Shirt Dress - $149 / Silk-blend Kimono Dress - $69.95 / Leather Rose - $12.95 / 2-pack Bracelets - $24.95

Pleated Tiered Top - $49.95 / Crinkled Cotton Blouse - $34.95 / Embroidered Pants - $129 / Pleated Leather Skirt - $199

Leather Bustier - $129 / Silk-blend Bustier - $59.95 / Wide-leg Satin Pants - $49.95

Embroidered Jumpsuit - $129 / Cotton Jacket with Embroidery - $99 / Embroidered Cotton Vest - $69.95

Ruffled Georgette Blouse - $49.95 / Crinkled Silk Top - $59.95 / Embroidered Shorts - $49.95 / Fine-knit Bustier - $24.95

Silk Dress - $199 / Beaded Shoulder Bag - $69.95 / Tiered Lace Dress - $549

Now that you’ve seen the collection, what do you think about the pieces shown? Do you think that the prices are justifiable? Knowing that H&M is a huge fast-fashion retailer, do you think this collection will change the way you shop and make you think about the sustainability of what you purchase? Let’s discuss this in depth in the comments down below! On another note, I do want to mention that aside from this exclusion Conscious Collection, H&M launched a micro Conscious Collection featuring Amber Valletta, a supermodel and philanthropist, at a less of a steeper pricing than the exclusive collection here. My picks from this collection? The kimono ($29.95), satin tank top ($14.95), textured-knit top ($14.95), and pattern skirt ($49.95).

Images provided by H&M. This was not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share with everyone the new collection!

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