It's Never Too Late: 2014 Wrap Up

Monday, January 19, 2015

In a nutshell, 2014 was filled with more negatives than it did positives. It was not that I intended to be so negative the entire year, but it certainly did not kick off on the right foot. Aside from officially having a year left of schooling for my Masters of Fine Arts degree, I came to the realization of who are my real friends and who are not - some people drifted away for good and others have reappeared to stay. I stopped working early 2014 to concentrate on schooling after being admitted into the hospital towards the end of 2013 from over-exhaustion and have learned my lesson since. It has been a tough reality to face as I am someone who takes pride in knowing that my repertoire is always being filled with something, but now holds an empty space where my only excuse to future employers is that I was committed to my schooling during that time period.

None of the less, I will take the negativity that I have received from both professors, family members, friends, strangers and even people who I do not consider friends or even acquaintances and turn them into motivation. I am doing what I am doing now for my sake and I will not let that negativity get to me this year. This year, I want to make the best of it. It is my last year of schooling and I want to finish it off on a good note. Cheers to a productive and successful year filled with wisdom, amazing memories and most importantly happiness.

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