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Sunday, July 05, 2015

It has been quite the hiatus that I took from blogging. In fact, it has been so long that I still have photos dating back to 2014 that I was not able to share because I lost all motivation to write again. A lot of it stemmed from the problems that I have at home and dealing with an identity crisis with myself while I am in graduate school. It is really hard to find some time to just sit and enjoy the bit of life that we get to experience when there are so many responsibilities that we have to fulfill. Towards the end of 2014, I had an okay moment. I went through a break up after a tiresome (yet boring) summer vacation and I ended up falling in love with someone who I met through a video game.

I had my moments of disparity and tried to figure out why I felt so out of place with everything and everyone. When 2015 creeped around the corner, I truly began to question everything. My insecurities came and went and would reappear at times when they should not. I started to feel displeased with the work that I did for school and showed less effort in trying to maintain this perfectionist persona that I built up for so long. Once upon a time, I was a really happy go-lucky person, but I guess these overflowing thoughts in my head comes with age. We live in the fast-lane in our early adulthood years that we forget to chill out and learn to cruise instead.

So here is to the halfway mark, 2015. Here is to trying to slow things down a bit and taking things one step at a time. Here is to building a future carefully and not jump into something that we may not be ready for. Here is to making everything just work out in the end (at least before I'm 26, please). Cheers! We are this close to wrapping up 2015.

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