Homemade Cards

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

To add on to yesterday's post dedicated to the lovely Christmas cards that I had received back in December, I worked on a few homemade cards to send out to my loved ones as well! One draw back of Christmas is finding the right Christmas cards that suits to each of the individuals that you want to send them out to. I used to go through Costco or Daiso to find Christmas cards, but over time I realized that it would be quite easy to make them myself if I dedicated enough time beforehand to make them and to send them out.

Unfortunately, I only had enough time to make four cards, but I have learned from my mistakes and will be sure to allot enough time this year to send out more cards! All I used for each of these cards were construction paper, felt, yarn, string, double-sided tape, and a hot glue gun! It was really fun to make these and quite easy to do as well. Because my designs were heavily focused on the "pop outs", I made little slots where a separate letter is folded inside for the receiver to read.

I hope to continue this tradition not only for Christmas, but for any occasion that I need to send a card out!

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