Letters from Afar

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

I know I am two months behind on blogging, but I just wanted to play a bit of catch up by going back to December of 2015 (last year) to show a huge amount of appreciation to my friends from afar. Remember those times when we did not have cellphones or computers to communicate to one another? One of my favorite past times was writing letters to my friends and waiting patiently for a response back. Snail mail was just one of those things that I have always been fond of because of the amount of effort that people have to put in to write one.

These days, I appreciate it even more because we could all just easily "@" each other on Twitter, message each other through Facebook or any messenger application, or even send a quick selfie through Snapchat just to say, "what's up" or to prove that we are still alive and kicking. Right before Christmas, I got two cards from my dear friends Thanh Thao and Rhys from Europe. Thanh Thao lives in Germany and Rhys lives in the United Kingdom. It was just a sweet thing to receive despite their busy schedule and I could not have had asked for a better gift than these cards.

Thank you again to the two of them for kicking off my lonely, but still merry, Christmas holiday.

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