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Saturday, March 12, 2016

I do not know about everyone else, but I try really hard to keep my personal life away from my online life. Not that I am trying to say that I am a different person online than I am offline, but a lot of my friends that I do see on a weekly basis do not really understand what it is that I do online (i.e. they are not into social media as I am). With that being said, a lot of them have been wondering why is it that I stream and asking me if it feels weird broadcasting live in front of random strangers.

The answer to the first question is simply this: to shake things up with my daily routine. Streaming for me is like a form of entertainment for me as it is a job. I love being able to meet people in the gaming community and being able to be a part of someone's day just by providing some form of entertainment. Most of the time, I am busy conversing with the viewers that stop by than I do play and that is simply because I am genuinely interested in what everyone else has to say. I have met such amazing people from streaming and gotten close to a handful of people from it.

As strange as it sounds, yes, watching people play video games is actually fun and being able to be the broadcaster provides for total control of how things pan out. My streams usually consist of lots of laughter and jokes, but I also love hearing about my viewers' day and what they are looking forward for the rest of their week/games that they want to play. At the end of the day, I am able to make a ton of people happy and that is why I love to stream. It just makes me feel like I am able to make a positive difference in the world even if it is for an hour or two.

And no, it is not weird broadcasting live in front of random strangers. It is definitely no different than posting up a Snapchat story and allowing anyone to see it or posting Vines/Instagram photos/videos. The only difference is that it is live and you can interact with everyone in real time. If you watch streamers, who are your favorite people to watch and why? Let me know!

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