Color Yourself Calm

Monday, March 14, 2016

During my last trip to Chicago, my friend kindly took me to a Barnes and Noble bookstore to buy a few gifts for my friend's birthday. I came across this set of coloring cards called "Art Therapy Coloring Kit". It comes with 10 miniature coloring pencils and a multitude of illustrations printed on business card sized card stock paper. I decided to buy one for my friend and one for myself and I definitely did not regret getting one for myself. I love the differing illustrations that you can color in and it really is therapeutic to color in the illustrations. As for the quality of the colored pencils, they are no different than a Crayola branded coloring pencil, but shading lightly and layering the colors go a long way to adding depth and definition to any of the illustrations.

I highly recommend getting one of these adult coloring books or card sets for yourself if you are into art and want to destress. I like to color these cards and use them as thank you cards to friends when I sent out letters or parcels.

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